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R & D

Devoted to innovation, our taste and smell professionals work on the creation of new flavors where all mixtures are allowed!

We have developed an innovative and unconventional technique for extracting aromatic materials extracted from tobacco leaves to give your e-liquids the taste of a traditional cigarette. The fruit of our creation is available for sale.

Our e-liquids are all composed of vegetal glycerin, propylene glycol and food grade flavorings with varying rates depending on the formulations.

Le Fabricant d'E-liquide works in collaboration with academic research centers under the supervision of P. DOPPELT, PhD in chemistry, former research director at CNRS and currently legal expert for the French courts.

TECALCOR has the status of young innovative company since 2016. In addition, the Ministry of Higher Education Research and Innovation granted to TECALCOR, in 2017, the research accreditation that allows you to integrate into your credit Tax the study bills that you entrust to TECALCOR.

TECALCOR is in the process of ISO 9001 certification for the year 2018.