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Development and creation of "original flavors on the market"

Le Fabricant d'E-liquide is a creator of flavors. Our creative process is at the heart of our concerns. A wide selection of flavors allows us to offer a wide range of harmonies and combinations of flavors that perfectly match your identity.

Traceability and the quality control

100% French production in our laboratory according to the strictest standards of safety, hygiene and excellence. Pure premium grade EP / USP Nicotine (> 99.8%).

Our products compositions :

  • Vegetal glycerin EP (European Pharmacopoeia);
  • Mono Propylene Glycol EP (European Pharmacopoeia);
  • Pure Nicotine USP (>99.8%) (United States Pharmacopoeia) or Protonated Nicotine®;
  • Ultrapure permuted water;
  • Food grade flavors;
  • Food grade additives.


Human-sized SMEs, our independence and our permanent investments in the latest technologies guarantee responsiveness and reliability of our services.

Security and traceability

Our experts know-how allows us to guarantee a product that meets the current safety standards.

Our totally internalized production allows us to follow the quality and the good follow-up of the procedures. A safety data sheet and a certificate of analysis accompany each of our products. Our bottles are associated with a batch number guaranteeing our customers traceability and full authentication of all production from our supply chain.

Our bottles meet ISO 8317 specific requirements and test methods on packaging designated as resistant to opening by children.