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Control and analyze your products.

As part of the various European and French regulations on the obligation to analyze e-liquids, Le Fabricant d'E-liquide proposes e-liquids analysis.

We propose the following analysis:

  • Total spectrum of your product composition;
  • Emissions testing analysis;
  • Determination of the dynamic viscosity and density of e-liquids;
  • Nicotine dosage by HPLC or GC / FID;
  • Detection and quantification of diacetyl and acetyl propionyl;
  • Detection and quantification of formaldehyde, acetaldehyde and acrolein in e-liquid as well as emissions;
  • Ethanol concentration;
  • Detection and quantification of heavy metals (Lead, Cadmium, Antimony, Mercury and Arsenic);
  • Determination of the flash point (Pensky-Martens closed cup method);
  • Dosage of cannabidiol (CBD) and other cannabinoids on any type of support (E-liquids, cosmetic creams, oils ...);
  • Determination of the pH of your products;
  • Microbiological analysis.